Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted: November 27, 2013 in Fitness, Nutrition
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Hey Guys and Girls!  First and foremost, I want to wish all of you and your families a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!  I’m not going to write about “How to Survive the Holidays and Keep your Diet on Track”…if you’ve been following me or my posts for sometime now, you know that I’m all about balance and moderation.  For goodness sake, please don’t bring your Tupperware of chicken and broccoli to Grandma’s house tomorrow (or turkey and broccoli ;-)).  Unless you are days away from some sort of competition or photo shoot, do me a favor and ENJOY yourself!  Eat the turkey, have some mashed potatoes, and….eeek, even a slice of pie.  Thanksgiving comes once a year, right?  That means you have 364 other days to eat out of your Tupperware and track your macros.  So, here is my advice for Thanksgiving Dinner:


  • Eat a little bit of WHATEVER you want but don’t overstuff yourself on purpose; there’s a difference between enjoying an off-plan meal and binge eating
  • If you’re going to have some wine or other alcoholic beverage, make sure you also drink plenty of water
  • Enjoy your family (or tolerate them if that’s the case – JK! :-P); don’t think about your diet or workout plan – there will be plenty of time for that after tomorrow
  • Squeeze an early morning workout in if you want or take the day to rest and recover
  • Don’t feel guilty – this last one can be difficult.  Even if you do overeat (as many will), it’s a done deal.  Get over it!

So, Happy Thanksgiving (and Happy Hanukkah to those that are also celebrating that tomorrow!) and I’ll meet you back here next week for another fitness-related blog!

  1. I just told this to a friend today. So many ppl forget holidays are for happiness and not about sitting around stressing what you are eating. One bad meal isn’t going to make u a porker overnight. We need to just enjoy ourselves and not regret having a good time. Thanks Kris! Have a great Turkey Day

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