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No Gym, No Problem!

Posted: June 24, 2014 in Uncategorized

Hey guys and girls!  It’s been a hectic couple of weeks for me with my job, the start of my business, and school coming to a close for my girls but I’ve been doing my best to stay on track.

Over the summer, I’m going to have much less gym time so I’m going to have to be creative with my workouts at home.  Luckily, over the past few years, I’ve accumulated quite a few useful pieces of equipment.  You don’t need to be at the gym to get a great workout. Don’t get me wrong, I love going to the gym – there’s just something about it that motivates me to work hard.  

Here are the things you’ll need to get a great workout done at home – a few key pieces of equipment, motivation, consistency, intensity, and a little bit of creativity.  Over the next few weeks, I’ll post some of the workouts that I do to give you some ideas.  

Tonight’s workout:  Back!  Here’s what I did:


  • Pull-ups:  4 sets to failure with 4 different grips (standard, wide, neutral, and chins) – Yes, I have a pull-up bar in my bathroom doorway (don’t judge!)
  • One-arm DB Row:  4 x 10


  • Bent-over Barbell Row:  5 sets, 3 grips (overhand, underhand, and wide) x 15 reps
  • Weight Plate (Lat) Pullovers:  5 x 15
  • Seated Rows with Extra Heavy Resistance Band:  5 x 20 standard reps, 20 pulses at end-range


  • Bent-over Back Flye: 4 x 20
  • Bent-over (straight arm) Shoulder Extension: 4 x 10, last set drop set
  • One-arm Low Row with Extra Heavy Resistance Band: 4 x 12


  • 100 reps TRX Inverted Rows:  As many sets as it took to complete

Add in 20 minutes on my Spin Bike and I got a complete work out done in about an hour!


In this week’s blog, I want to discuss one of the newest fat loss supplements from Top Secret Nutrition.  I have had the opportunity to use the new stimulant-based thermogenic Ab Igniter.  I am certainly no stranger to fat burners having sampled many in the last few years during competition prep.  I have used both stimulant-based and non-stimulant-based and they both have their advantages and disadvantages.  Anyway, back to Ab Igniter…


First off, all the ingredients and amounts are clearly laid out on the label – I love it when I know exactly what I’m getting and how much.  This formula includes many of the most popular and researched fat loss ingredients on the market today including Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee Extract, Green Tea Extract, Caffeine, Raspberry Ketones, and Yohimbe to name a few.

Ok, so what did these ingredients do in “real life”?  Anyone who knows me, knows I have an appetite…if it looks good, smells good, and ain’t moving too fast, I’ll eat it…well, maybe.  But, this product really did curb my crazy appetite.  I’m usually starving by mid-morning, but after taking this product, that certainly wasn’t the case.  The energy from this product was also good.  I felt a pretty clean energy without any jitters and it lasted for a good part of the morning.  I usually took a second dose in the early afternoon to carry me through the rest of my day.  For those of you that are sensitive to caffeine, I would certainly recommend starting with only one capsule.  My end dose was 2 capsules twice a day and that was perfect for me.  Ok, confession time – my diet was not always the best while using this product and I still managed to lose some fat: win-win!  The Garcinia is supposed to slow fat accumulation so maybe that was it?!

I have seen some good results but will take a little time off before starting a second bottle 🙂  In a nutshell, if you’re looking for some clean energy and appetite suppression while trying to reach your fat loss goals, I definitely recommend Ab Igniter!