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Hey guys and girls…a little late this week but it’s that time again.  I’m going to follow up on a blog I did a couple of weeks ago about pyramid training.  To show you the diversity of this type of training, I’m sharing with you the workout I did for my back this week which includes what I like to call some “super” pyramid sets.  Refer to my blog here if you are unfamiliar with pyramid training:

What I did in this workout was to use the pyramid system with my last set consisting of very high repetitions:

1)  One-arm DB Row (3-way hand position – palm facing behind you and upper arm perpendicular to your body, palm facing body, palm facing forward):

  • 10 reps each position (no rest)
  • 6 reps each position
  • 4 reps each position
  • 20 reps each position (this last set is a total of 60 non-stop reps each arm)

After this first exercise, you’re back should already be nice and toasty!

2)  Wide Grip Lat Pulldown:

  • 20 reps
  • 15 reps
  • 12 reps
  • 8 reps
  • 6 reps
  • 40 reps wide, 40 reps close (no rest)

3)  Seated Cable Row:

  • 15 reps
  • 12 reps
  • 10 reps
  • 8 reps
  • 6 reps
  • 4 reps
  • 60 reps

Last 2 exercises:  Superset

  • Back Flye over Incline Bench
  • DB Pullover

These 2 were performed with usual rep schemes (I did 12-15 reps here)

This routine is fairly unusual for me:  I tend to include many more exercises but trust me, by ending each of the above sets with super high reps (after performing a very heavy weight for 4-6 reps), you will be done!

If you decide to give it a try, let me know how it went!