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We’re well into Fall and you know what that means!  It’s slow cooker season.  I’m not kidding when I tell you that the slow cooker is a fit girl’s best friend.  I absolutely love that fact that I can throw some ingredients into it at some point during the morning, cover, and walk away.  When I get home from work, errands, picking up the kids, etc., dinner is there just waiting for me.  The time between picking the kids up from school and their bedtime is absolute chaos in my house.  Snacks, homework, dinner, showers, reading, dishes, and everything else that didn’t get done that day is crammed into a block of a few hours.  The last thing I want to worry about is having a lot of prep work for dinner.

Over the course of a few blogs, I’m going to share some of my favorite slow cooker recipes but I’ll start with one of the easiest and tastiest!  Slow cooker pulled pork.  Ok, who doesn’t love pulled pork??  If you answered “me”, stop reading and go seek help (J/K of course)!

Anyway, you need 3 ingredients…that’s it!

  • 1-2 extra lean pork tenderloins
  • Natural (no sugar added) applesauce
  • BBQ Sauce of your choice – read labels here because many brands are loaded with extra sugar.  You can even use one of those “no calorie” sauces like from Walden Farms (but, since I’m not prepping for anything at the moment, I prefer something a little thicker)

Spray your slow cooker with a light layer of cooking spray (I use Olive Oil Pam).  Place the pork in the center (for one) or next to each other with a small space between (for two).  Cover the pork with a layer of applesauce.  Layer the BBQ sauce over the applesauce carefully.  Cover and cook on low for about 6 hours.  Use a meat thermometer to make sure it’s fully cooked through.  Once the pork is done, you can remove it from the slow cooker and use a fork to shred it.  The beauty here is you can add as little or as much “sauce” as you want.  Make a sandwich or eat as is!

I’m including a “before” and “after” picture so that you can have a look.  Please, for the love of God, ignore the fact that the before picture looks like 2 large tu—….oh, nevermind…just keep the comments clean please 😉