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My December Run

Posted: December 3, 2013 in Fitness

I’m all bundled up, got Cardio Igniter on my side
My jacket’s zipped up, my sneakers are tied
I have to give thanks to Top Secret Nutrition
I’m ready to go and now on a mission
Feeling the cold wind on my face
I begin to pick up the pace
My fingers are frozen and so are my toes
And now an annoying drip, coming from my nose
But I pay no attention I’m enjoying the scene
The leaves have all fallen and are no longer green
I take a deep breath, wipe my nose on my sleeves
And discover the stench of rotting leaves
I round the corner nearing the halfway mark
When I hear a growl and a loud bark
The dog starts running but the owner pulls him back
I nearly just had a heart attack
I’m at the bridge and there’s a sign on a chain
“Path closed” it says, then it starts to rain
So I turn around, heading back where I came
Mumbling under my breath every dirty name
Back around the water and now UP the big hill
I’m cold and now wet, ready to kill
So I start to run faster, but I run out of breath
And I begin to feel I’m nearing my death
A sigh of relief, I can see the main street
Faster and faster my heart begins to beat
I run up my road with a smile on my face
And nearly trip over my undone shoelace
I shake my head and hang it in sorrow
I’m a little crazy cuz I’ll do it again tomorrow…