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Hey all!  This week’s blog is going to be simple and straightforward…I often get asked about my shoulder training (y’all know who you are ;-)) so I’m going to talk a little about my training philosophy and share one of my workouts.

Shoulders…one of my absolute favorites to train!  Now, there are a whole host of muscles involved around the shoulder but don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you with the details.  When we talk about shoulder training, we really mean deltoid training – after all, we are aiming to build some cannonballs, right?

Ok, most of you probably know that the deltoid is made up of 3 heads:  anterior, lateral (medial), and posterior.  We want to make sure that we work each one of these areas adequately so that there is a nice round shoulder and balance between the front and back of the shoulder.

My personal philosophy regarding shoulder training is heavy and high volume!  This combination has worked very well for me.  I dedicate one day a week to shoulder training and make sure that I work them to the max.  I tend to mix up my workouts often, but for the most part, after an adequate warm-up, I work on heavy pressing activities first:  dumbbell, barbell, machine, etc.  Then I will move on to target each head on it’s own.  Ok, enough talk, here is one of the workouts straight from my training journal:

1.  Seated Military Press:  Pyramid 2 x 10, 2 x 8, 2 x 6, Drop set:  1 x 6, followed by 2 drops

2.  Standing Arnold Press:  4 x 10-12

3.  Smith Machine Upright Row:  4 x 8-12

4.  Unilateral Leaning DB Lateral Raise:  4 x 10 each (superset with Machine Lateral Raise 4 x 10)

5.  Cable Kneeling Face Pulls:  4 x 12-15 (superset with Cable Rear Delt Flyes 4 x 12-15)

6.  Cable Front Raise:  4 x 10  (superset with Plate Front Raise 4 x 10)

7.  Hammer Shoulder Press (finisher):  Performed alternating 4 sets to failure

I’m usually good and fried at this point, but sometimes I will also do heavy shrugs during this workout (if a piece of equipment is taken or if I still have any energy at the end).

So, there you have it!  Well, tomorrow is shoulder day so who’s with me?