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A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about using intensity techniques to boost your workout.  In this blog, I’m going to share with you a leg workout that I did this week incorporating a couple of these techniques.  This is just one example of how I design my workouts.  I am a huge fan of changing things up:  not only does this keep me motivated, but it definitely keeps me from getting bored.  I like to train legs twice per week focusing on Quads/Calves on one day and then Glutes/Hamstrings the other.  This way I feel that I can hit each part with enough intensity.  Ok, so here is a page straight from my workout journal (Quads/Calves) from yesterday morning:


  • Leg Extension warm-ups:  2-3 sets of 15 reps with a light to moderate weight to get the blood flowing
  • Front Squats (FULL range of motion):  2 x 12 reps (warm-up); 2 x 10; 1 x 8 (all done as straight sets) – then on my last “set” I did a drop-set immediately followed by 2 rest-pause periods of 10 secs:  so…1 x 8 (drop), 1 x 10 (rest), 1 x 10 (rest) 1 x 10
  • SUPERSET:  Leg Press and Calf Press (1 x 20, then 5 x 10 of each exercise):  I also concentrated on the negative/eccentric phase with the leg press, I made sure to “explode” the weight up under control and then slowly lower until my knees hit my chest
  • SUPERSET:  Hack Squat (close stance) and Standing Calf Raise (toes forward, in, out, forward) 4 x 15 of each exercise
  • Split Squat:  Straight sets:  4 x 15 each leg holding a weight plate
  • Leg Extension finisher:  (FST-7 style):  7 sets of 10 with only a 20 sec rest between sets

So, during just this workout I used straight sets, drop-sets, rest-pause, supersets, negatives, and FST-7.  The combinations are endless so use your imagination when planning workouts.  This took me about 60 minutes to complete.  To give me the boost and recovery I need for a workout like this, I am using Top Secret Nutrition’s new Pump Igniter pre-workout, either the BCAA Hyperblend or Hyperblend Energy intra-workout, and a shot of Creavar after.

I am definitely feeling the effects already…can’t wait to see how these legs feel tomorrow!  Now, where did I put that foam roller?